Sunday, September 2, 2012

Foam Day

Oh em the most genius day ever lol the lehi mayor creates a foam day where the fireman donates their foam and people run thru it...kinda like a foam pool...they was music, booths, free watermelon served my the queens of lehi, free other stuff, jumping caddies of all sorts and lots of foam. Just good fun day with the family :) Definitely a must go every year :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

NTRT SanFran

Went to San Francisco this summer for the National Touch Rugby Tourney. Was super fun. It was the usual team wit us from Utah (me ash char becks and Ariel) the Sf people and some guys from NZ. We made it to the finals and lost to Tumeke. Our team was the best, not serious and fun, lol No warm UPS lol Oh yeah char broke her collar bone on her first play of the first game and was out the rest of the tourney lol so we had to make do with 5 girls lol but our girls rock man! :) We are all only getting better. Next year, I'm going be super IN shape for it. anyways, just wanted to document it lmbo Next year its going to be in Florida :) Going to be ON like Donkey Kong! Lol


This summer I was lucky enough to do alot of things...one of my favorite in particular was going to the zoo. Charlotte's work party was over there so we went with the keikiz plus solomona. We got to paint our faces, stuff them too, ride on the merry-go-round and observe all the cool animals. Last time I went to the zoo was when I was 9, it was the melbourne, Australia zoo but I don't remember much of it...so this time I think I was more excited than the kids. Lol My favorite was the polar bear, just kz he was showing off doing tumbles in the water and such.The bird show was amazing, I thought I was going to be bored watching it but I was soo wrong....pretty entertaining. My favorite part was seeing the kids light up with excitement when they saw their favorite animals. All in all, it was an awesome day, and if anyone is double minded bout visiting the slc zoo, I Sooo recommend it. :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Memorial Day

So just posting up random events that I remember through out the year...will its 2012....surprise lol Man has out been a while...almost a year even...

Anyways, spent memorial day with the Lehi 41st...my new ward. Super fun day! Everyone in that ward is competitive (nt as much as I am but enough to make it fun). Anyway, they all super good at vball so it was intense lol Good food, fun in the sun, good company...hoksters and koko them visited.

The fun actually started during the water fight lol boys vs girls, figures. Our team captain koko and the boys reno. First it started with water to gatorade to ketchup and mustard lol I almost got the cops called on me cause me and Gipper got mustard at this ladies house and she was pissed kz we just walked away lol super intense but we all walked away laughing lol Good fun!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Mexico Trip

Road Trip that was 10hrs short! Hoi...it was fun though, as we was doing music vids and wat not lol oh and Lavi got pulled over cause she went over 7 of the speed limit! Lol dumb jerk bald cop lol bt we made it safely none-the-less and we picked up 2 strays frm the Provo steelers lol cuz they miscalculated their numbers and rides lol ya ok got to get ready for our first game in a lil bit against Timber-doodles... And I want more sleep kz we was awaken super early by mama christy for breakfast! Lol

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ok Random blog jus kz I downloaded the blog app on my new itouch and jus wanted to see what it's about lol yuuuup my brother bought me an itouch and I still can't believe it but I looove it and him for that! It's my new distraction...oh yeah cannot forget mundinicole for suggesting it yeee malo sister! :)

Anyways, I was skyping with my parentals the other night on the itouch kz it was me madres birthday...technology is crazy I tell u, and in a few more years it will be crazier! But anyways, I was talking to my mom and she kept slipping up about her coming up, jus kz she wants to surprise us but we all already know thanks to mundinicole hahaha jk sis, it was Drex who told me lol but it was jus funny hw she would try cover it up lol and I'm laughing super hard but can't show her kz totally would lose my cover lol anyways if u know my mom u would be laughing with me right now kz nt obvious enough hahaha gotta pull out the acting cards when she gets here lol

Oh and general conference just passed and it was the bomb as usual :) I went to the conference center for the relief society broadcast and it was some kind of amazingness! Pres Utchdorfs talk on the "Forget Me Nots" totally hit the spot! Felt like he read my journal and based his talk around it lol gotta love the inspiration the leaders of the church get kz they are man of god an know what we are going thru...the church is true and if ya haven't read it! I totally recommend!!! :) ok that is all for now lol I love reading my random posts later kz they make me laugh all the time lol yaaa ok byeeee over and out!

Oh and I wrote this ages ago bt forgot to publish so uh ya lol

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mt Timp Hike

Soooo i can finally say i've hiked mt Timp...well i didnt make it all the way up bt sssh no one knows so it still counts Lol it was the hardest hike of my life cause 1. I'm physically not prepared for such things 2. I didnt rest my body as i shud ( no sleep) and 3. we hiked it in the wee hours of the morning.

Mind you, i am not trying to make excuses for myself, even though it clearly sounds like it lol, i'm jus saying. But yah, me lavi, mandi and ashlyn hiked it early friday morn (2am). We didnt get to the lake till 6ish, where me and lavs man down and ash and mandi finished the hike. Lol Ya i know bubbo gumz lol it was fun, but next time before i do something crazy, yes it was jus a tiny bit crazy for me, i'm goin prepare myself a little better lol The view was awesome though, and i'm glad to hav done it with the girls but holy moly was it loong lol Not forgetting how we went the wrong way for about an hour in the beginning lol i only wished that the waterfalls and the lake was a place to swim cause shoot that would have been the bomb

but life is good...prison break is bomb and that is all thank u...ooh tori got a baby boy :) so happy for him. ooh and i'm counting on RSA to win the world cup this year :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Time and All Eternity- Halasima's

This past weekend i was blessed to be part of one of my best friends' wedding line. It was a loong tiring weekend but all worth it! I met Ofo in hawaii when i was at BYU, we played on the same volleyball team. Ever since then she became my tongan sister from another misster :) lol Tupou Moheofo Aloi Noelle Filimoeatu was sealed for time and all eternity to Timote Halasima. :) I'm soooo excited for them and their future and wish them nothing but the BEST in their marriage and family. Thank u Halasima's for your example and testimony of getting married in the temple :).

the Halasima's :) They look so happy i loove it! Congratulations guys :) Now hurry up and make little ofo's and motes :) lol

This is me and my partnah, sam. Ok he was fired cause the MC was calling us because we was the first to be introduced and he was no where to be seen for a whole minute so i had to wait for him infront of everyone hahaha so shaaame lol and thats him trying to explain and apologize for it and me laughing it off as usual lol he was a good partnah nevertheless :) but i'm suuper glad he was mucho tall cause my shoes was suuuper tall too hahaha

This is the whole line. I think there was 11 of us including the maid of honor. But ya the girls ruled in this line...yuuup life of the party right here lol goood fun! :)

Cheers to the couple lol ya holding it up cause i know i'm next bahahaha

This is me realizing that yaaa its not goin happen anytime soon sooooo drowning my sorrows hahaha but ya dont trip its jus sparkling water k hahaha

ummm ya this is me passing out the cake in the flattest shoes ever...dang i am not wearing those shoes for the next year or so lol and no i'm not conceeded these are the only pics i hav on my phone that was sent to me sooo ya lol

anywayz, was a very inspiring wedding and i'm sooo proud of ofo for making it to the temple, such an awesome example! :) now thats one more of my friends who joined the boring aka hitched club! shoot i better get on to it already hahaha nah nah when the time is right it'll happen, right? right lol i jus hav to say this to reassure myself lol ok that is all. love u all :)

EMG- Paiute camp

ok i almost forgot how to post a blog...just cause its been that loong lol anyways, not too many things happened since i've been off this thing lol but i've learnt to love my life and the gospel sooo much more...words cannot eeeven express how awesome the gospel has been in my life...i'm working on the sharing part and i feel its getting easier to do but not where i want to be and there's always room for improvement :)

anywayz, i had the opportunity to be able to share my talent last week (July 27) with the EMG (Elevate My Game) camp in the reservations out in the Paiute tribe under Coach Wendy. Me and Kayla were the coaches, while the life skillz (support haha) crew was dori stone, tiare stone, joann ah you and tema hunkin. It was jus an awesome experience just being able to interact with kids who are so isolated (like seriously in the middle of nowhere, with no phone reception lol) and teach them basketball skills and also about the real world. I wanna be able to do these in the future, that is when i start my real carrier. I wanna help kids realize their true potential on the basketball court and off it. anyway, here are some of the pics i took off of my phone...its junk cause ya my phones junk soooo ya sorry about it lol

This is how isolated it is...pretty much this is everthing all around...but it is super beautiful! :) This is when the whole EMG crew drove to Colorado city (where the polygamist live) to get ice cream. Me and Tema sat in the back of the truck the whole way bumping loud music on coach's freakin awesome stereo lol

i forgot who's arm that was LOL either Tiare or Tema lol but we was trying to be sneaky taking pics of the polygamist peoples hahaha too funny...but interesting enough we found out that the higher the front Bump on their hair the more righteous u are...this one is pretty righteous cause oka the high bump Lol but it was funny cause we thought they was strange and they thought we was strange lol interesting experience

idk who's muli that is either hahaha oh weh lol but this is the ice ccream i got lol i know it looks gross but daaang was it delish! lol the bottom flavor was play dough and top flavor was licorice. yeah i like licorice, is that weird? lol but ya dont mind the teeth marks hahaha

this was outside the gym where we did camp at and right before our 5k run attempt...tema and her lifting anything pose....it didnt eeeven work hahaha but ya after a looong day of basketball they decided to run from the gym to where we stayed lol well me joann and coach ran the whole way while tema and kayla got a ride half way, the slackers hahaha oh man and after when we got back, we sat in the front lawn and was entertained by the kids....that is where we learnt the "get back! leave me alone, i'm safe" technique! Too funny coach and Joann egging the kids on LOL gotta love it!

oh and PS- my shirt was dirtied so i could keep em hahaha

all in all, this was an awesome trip, very educational and also sooo much fun in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of awesome women. cant wait for next years one :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jah Stee :)

Happy Birthday to the MOST important man in my Life, my Father. He is 58 years old. Daaaang, super old. I wish i was back home celebrating his special day with my mom...bt i jus got the next best thing i guess, skype. Its funny that his birthday is on the same day the priesthood was restored, may 15th, because I called earlier and he was out fulfilling his calling. Oh dad, never resting, eeeven on your birthday, wat an example you are to me, and i'm sooo blessed to be your daughter. :) I've always been a daddy's girl and i miss him sooo much! :,(

Words cannot express how truly grateful i am for you, dad. You've always been there for me thru thick and thin, never failing in giving council with words of reassurance from the day i was born to this day. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH DAD!